Product Function Introduction

Evaluating the sharpening requirements in different industries, we have specific models of grinders to carry out challenging cutting and drilling processes in variety of materials. Our compact grinders are exclusive chosen for your demands.

Grinding is a challenging task, especially when it concerned with smaller range of products, it becomes quite hectic for the operator to progress with equipments. It becomes necessary to compare the grinding range, point angle for grinding, speed of grinding in relation to the productivity range, etc. Purros Machinery presents 9 different models which differ in point angle, grinding capacity and grinding speed.

Consumers can choose the grinder based on the diameter of grinding wheel diameter to match grinding requisite precisely. We have employed imported machine components with grinding wheels made in Taiwan or Mainland, China. Using our powder drill bits you can experience convenience of drilling and ease of sharpening at different measurements. These are compact in size, powerful in performance, safe to use and economic in pricing when compared to other sorts of drilling options. They are guaranteed for saving time, cost and labor expense Visit our website and find out the best drill bit to suit your expectation.