The improved back massager is very popular

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The existing massagers on the market are mainly divided into back massager, neck massager and foot massager. The massager used for back massage is called back massager. People press the back on the back massager and start the back massager to massage the back. The existing massage head of back massager has a single structure. The massage head is installed on the motor. The motor rotation drives the massage head to rotate simply. The massage effect is poor and the comfort...

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What are the benefits of using massagers for office workers?

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For office workers, the biggest problem is long-term sedentary, leading to shoulder and neck, lumbar discomfort aggravated. In order to alleviate symptoms, many people will look for appropriate external products to alleviate symptoms. With the increase of age, physical function decreases year by year, but the working time has not decreased, and lack of exercise, so many office workers can only try to find other ways to alleviate symptoms. For the shoulder and neck problems, in fact, the use of...

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Working Principle of Massage Chair

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The principle of massage chair is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage. Massage can dredge channels and collaterals, make blood circulation, maintain the balance of the body, so massage can relax muscles, flexible joints, make people energetic, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring physical health. The working principle of massage chairs on the market is generally to use the rolling force of machinery and the pressure extrusion of air pump to massage....

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How to maintain the massage chair? How to choose a massage chair?

If you want to extend the life of the massage chair, you must know how to maintain the massage chair. Maintenance of massage chair: 1. After 30 minutes of continuous use of massage chair, let the machine rest for 15 minutes, which can prolong the life of the machine. 2. Do not place the massage chair in the humid bathroom or sunshine environment such as balcony. It should be placed in a dry, ventilated room to avoid direct sunshine, so...

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Which people are not suitable for using massage chairs?

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Which people are not suitable for using massage chairs? Although massage chairs can be relaxing, they are not suitable for all people. So who is not suitable for using massage chairs? 1. Patients with the first type of heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis. Because massage can speed up the blood circulation of the human body, which can easily lead to heart disease and hypertension; while osteoporosis patients are prone to brittle bone due to lack of calcium and other reasons,...

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Structure of Intelligent Shawl Massager How does the shawl massager (shoulder massager) work?

Intelligent shawl massager(Shoulder Massagers) can be divided into three parts: control component, electromagnetic hammer component and shawl coat. Intelligent Shoulder Massagers is divided into parts, mainly composed of iron core, coil, vibration spring and massage head. CM-N1 (Orange) Neck Massager, Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager How does the shawl massager (shoulder massager) work? When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected to AC, the alternating magnetic field is generated. Under the action of the magnetic field force and...

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Fatigue and soreness are caused by local qi and blood blockage. The intelligent massage shawl can accelerate the blood circulation by hamming and massaging, improve the circulation of qi, remove toxin, relax tense muscles, relieve pain and eliminate fatigue. The pain points are reflected in the meridians. If the meridians are open when using the massage shawl, the massage will be painless. If the massage pain is strong that the meridian is not. When using intelligent shawl massager, beat beat...

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How to choose a massage chair? How to choose a massage chair?

How to choose a massage chair? 1. Select well-known brand products. The quality of brand products is guaranteed, while the service keeps up with delivery, installation and later maintenance. 2. Comfort is very important for massage chairs. According to the introduction of the core components of the massage chair, we can know that the comfort of the massage chair will be better if we choose the massage chair with 3-D machine core and L-shaped long guide rail. 3. It's best...

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The motor of the massage chair Massage chair motor, massage chair manufacturer, massage chair, motor of the massage chair

Massage chair motor commonly known as the motor, its main role is to produce driving torque, as a mechanical power source. Its main function is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy, is also an important driving force supporting the massage function of the manipulator. The mobile app does take a short while to load, however as soon as it is loaded, online games run as smooth as the desktop casino, and we haven't any skilled any important crashes or...

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Popular reasons for the shawl massager

CM-N1 (Orange) Neck Massager, Buy Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat from us

Popular reasons for the shawl massager With the continuous improvement and development of the quality and speed of modern life, the pressure of modern life is increasing. There are more and more problems in our life and body, so people look for better ways to improve their life and body condition. And intelligent shawl massager is to adapt to the life of people today and produce. The advantages of intelligent shawl massager NECK MASSAGER CATEGORIES CM-N1 (Orange) Neck Massager, Shiatsu...

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