How to keep your feet well throughout the winter?

Keep your feet well throughout the winter use foot massager

1. Bubble feet

Bubble foot is one of the most common foot nursing methods, in qiu dong season, a lot of friends have cold feet, this time with hot bubble foot can accelerate the blood circulation, promoting qi and blood in the body, so as to relieve the feet cold symptoms. It is important to note that when you are soaking your feet, don’t use the hot water to avoid scalding your skin.

2. Regular massage

Massage the different parts of the body to have different health effect, so what does the health effect that massage the foot can have? Expert thinks, often massage the foot can on foot care effect not only, still can eliminate fatigue, improve the resistance of the body, this is because the foot is a lot of nerve together, often massage the foot can stimulate the nervous system, so as to have health benefits. For convenience, you can choose a foot massager for a foot massage at home.

3. Keep warm

I’m sure everyone knows that when the soles of the feet are cold, the body feels uncomfortable. That’s why we need to keep our feet warm. It is recommended that you wear thick socks to your feet after the fall, wear less or not wear sandals, so that the soles of your feet will be hit by a cold wind.

4. Apply the foot cream

After entering the fall, we can moisturize and beautifying the face and hands, but we often overlook the need to apply moisturizer to our feet. Experts believe that the autumn and winter season also needs to apply moisturizing lotion to the feet, which can be a good constipation of the foot, such as chapped and frostbite.
These are some tips on how to conserve your feet in autumn and winter.