How to buy neck and shoulder massager?

Applicable people:

1. Students and long-term computer workers
2. Management, driving family
3. High pressure workers
4. Eye contact
5. Mild insomniacs
6. Middle aged
7. Athletic injuries

The type of Neck and Shoulder Massager

With the development of life and science, shoulder massages have developed in various ways, but in different ways there are different categories.

1. LED display type
2. Digital display type
3. Heating type
4. Hydrogel and heavy duty
5. Sand and heavy
6. Mineral salt and heavy duty


Pick up the Neck and Shoulder Massager

One, buy weight is appropriate, Neck and Shoulder Massager also call massage shawl, should choose a lightsome massager, if massager is overweight can increase the pressure of the shoulder, that loses the function of massager.
Second, choose massage can adjust the frequency, because each person’s shoulder discomfort is different, so try to choose a suitable for their own, if you don’t know what kind of frequency for yourself or choose a can adjust the frequency.
Third, must choose a big brand, because of the massager brand is more, as consumers we don’t know which brand is good, so before buying must understand in detail, choose a higher brand awareness.