Winter warm-up exercise: common small movements are healthy and warm

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In winter, there are a lot of suitable for our sport, but sometimes we may be affected by the outside weather and cannot exercise, it will affect our fitness plan, what should we do? Let's check out the winter warm-up exercise with CAREMASSAGER. Winter warm-up movement 1. Squat down legislation Stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than your shoulders, cross your hands over your head, straighten your back, straighten your chest, and look straight ahead. 2. Straighten your back,...

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How do you maintain your body in winter?

How do you maintain your body in winter buy foot massager

In winter, the metabolism of human body is in relatively slow period, therefore, the winter health care should pay attention to "hide", the meaning that hides means is person in winter should keep spirit quiet. Experts suggest that you should learn to control the bad emotions by doing things that are not in your right mind, but you can release them in an appropriate way to keep your peace of mind. In the meantime, get more sunshine. Because winter it...

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