The improved back massager is very popular

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The existing massagers on the market are mainly divided into back massager, neck massager and foot massager. The massager used for back massage is called back massager. People press the back on the back massager and start the back massager to massage the back. The existing massage head of back massager has a single structure. The massage head is installed on the motor. The motor rotation drives the massage head to rotate simply. The massage effect is poor and the comfort...

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Where to buy a good massager ?

where to buy a good foot massager

With the transformation of medical model, people's pursuit of natural therapy has increased significantly, and medical devices such as foot massager, neck massager, back massager, vibration platform machines, massage chair and massage bed have developed rapidly. After massage originating in Japan, in Europe, North America and other developed countries, introduced into China in the 1980 s, after a short 20 years, has now developed into a set design, production, sales and service as one of the huge industrial chain, China's...

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How to keep your feet well throughout the winter?

Keep your feet well throughout the winter use foot massager

1. Bubble feet Bubble foot is one of the most common foot nursing methods, in qiu dong season, a lot of friends have cold feet, this time with hot bubble foot can accelerate the blood circulation, promoting qi and blood in the body, so as to relieve the feet cold symptoms. It is important to note that when you are soaking your feet, don't use the hot water to avoid scalding your skin. 2. Regular massage Massage the different parts...

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How do you maintain your body in winter?

How do you maintain your body in winter buy foot massager

In winter, the metabolism of human body is in relatively slow period, therefore, the winter health care should pay attention to "hide", the meaning that hides means is person in winter should keep spirit quiet. Experts suggest that you should learn to control the bad emotions by doing things that are not in your right mind, but you can release them in an appropriate way to keep your peace of mind. In the meantime, get more sunshine. Because winter it...

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Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge: ten feet to raise a life massage method

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Rub your toes

The feet of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the objective of curing diseases. There is a direct link between the specific parts of the foot and the organs in the body. The bottom part of the body is in the reflection area of the organs, and some of the organs can be reflected in the reflection zone. Massage and stimulate the corresponding reflective area in the feet, which can promote local blood circulation. So, how does Chinese medicine promote health...

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The detailed process of how to do foot massage.

The detailed process of how to do foot massage, buy foot massager

1. Wash your feet, wipe your feet, and apply moisturizer on your feet.   2. Slap your lateral foot with hands laterally, play the role of relaxing calf muscles.   3. Hold one foot with both hands and squeeze slightly inward.   4. Hands rub up and down on the back of the foot to warm up the whole foot, to play the role of blood circulation.   5. The finger joint arch live light pressure, help the body excrete...

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The benefits of foot massage in winter

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Foot massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism. In winter, the body temperature is low, and the foot massage can improve the blood circulation of the foot, and promote the circulation of the foot and the whole body. It also improves heart function and reduces heart load while increasing blood flow. Foot massage can improve your body's resistance and immunity. In winter, pedicure can enhance the metabolism of the human body and improve the resistance to exotic pathogens. Foot massage...

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What are the benefits of foot massage?

What are the benefits of a foot massage foot reflexology chart

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the feet are the second heart of the body, so to say that the feet are like the root of a big tree. If you want to have the upper and the branches flourish, then the root must be stable and steady. There are more than 60 acupuncture points in the foot, which are the agglomeration of the human body. Today, we are talking about the benefits of massage soles. Massage is a common...

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The Solutions For Usual Foot Discomfort

The Solutions For Usual Foot Discomfort

The Solutions For Usual Foot Discomfort Regardless of our smart improvements in transport, we still appear to count greatly on our feet to obtain us. It's unpreventable and also most likely to proceed despite what does it cost? we boost our transport systems. However, overall, we never ever quit to consider exactly how our feet are inevitably influenced by our day-to-day commute. Not till, someday, we start experiencing pain and also pulsating discomfort unlike anything we have actually ever before...

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8 Leading Tips To Obtain Eliminate Neck Discomfort

8 Leading Tips To Obtain Eliminate Neck Discomfort Proper Posture

Neck discomfort is just one of those typical and also bothersome troubles. It could occur at any moment from resting incorrect; taking a trip without a neck cushion, or from inadequate stance in time. Otherwise treated and also protected against appropriately, neck discomfort could reduce your emphasis, your health and wellness and also will certainly provide you an actually poor looking stance. This is not something you wish to occur. It is irritating when rigidity and also discomfort struck the...

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