The improved back massager is very popular

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The existing massagers on the market are mainly divided into back massager, neck massager and foot massager. The massager used for back massage is called back massager. People press the back on the back massager and start the back massager to massage the back. The existing massage head of back massager has a single structure. The massage head is installed on the motor. The motor rotation drives the massage head to rotate simply. The massage effect is poor and the comfort...

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How does cervical vertebra disease self-massage treatment? Detailed diagram here.

Neck Pain & Other Injuries Buy Neck and Shoulder Massager from Us

The long hours of desk work has caused more and more people to suffer from cervical spondylosis, which has brought many inconveniences to life. Through the massage of the cervical vertebra, not only can prevent the disease of cervical spondylosis, but also can effectively alleviate the pain of the cervical spondylosis, it can help the health. You can massage your head and neck without using tools. If the hand movement is inconvenient the person can use the neck massager. [caption...

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Where to buy a good massager ?

where to buy a good foot massager

With the transformation of medical model, people's pursuit of natural therapy has increased significantly, and medical devices such as foot massager, neck massager, back massager, vibration platform machines, massage chair and massage bed have developed rapidly. After massage originating in Japan, in Europe, North America and other developed countries, introduced into China in the 1980 s, after a short 20 years, has now developed into a set design, production, sales and service as one of the huge industrial chain, China's...

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The symptoms and mitigation of lumbar muscle strain

The symptoms and mitigation of lumbar muscle strain to use back massager

The incidence of lumbar muscle strain in athlete and normal people are both high. When the lumbar muscle strain occurs, the waist pain can not bear, seriously affect our life and work. [caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignnone" width="600"] lumbar muscle strain[/caption] How is lumbar muscle strain induced? A lot of lumbar muscle strain patient is because of long-term carry weight activity, cause the waist often force, the muscle of the waist is bigger than day one day, hyperplasia, become lumbar muscle strain...

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