How do you maintain your body in winter?

In winter, the metabolism of human body is in relatively slow period, therefore, the winter health care should pay attention to “hide”, the meaning that hides means is person in winter should keep spirit quiet. Experts suggest that you should learn to control the bad emotions by doing things that are not in your right mind, but you can release them in an appropriate way to keep your peace of mind. In the meantime, get more sunshine. Because winter it gets dark early, illumination time is short, one of the reasons that are prone to depression, as the night comes, the human brain of the pineal gland secretion of melatonin, can affect the person’s mood, and light can inhibit the secretion of the hormone.

How do you maintain your body in winter buy foot massager

Jogging in the winter

In the beginning of winter, the health should be quiet, and the spirit should be optimistic and maintain a good state of mind. You should have a rule in your living room, sleep late, get enough sleep, avoid overwork, and pay attention to your back. Also moderate exercise, such as exercise, walking, etc.
Winter exercise is indispensable, moderate exercise can strengthen the body resistance to resist disease. Winter is cold, people’s limbs are more rigid, the warm-up activity before exercise is very important. If stretch limb, jog, moderate exercise light instrument, make body slightly sweat, undertake the exercise of high intensity again. Dress should be based on the weather, mainly to keep warm and cold. Wear clothes in time after exercise to avoid catching cold. In addition, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be prohibited from doing strenuous exercises such as playing and climbing.
During the beginning of winter, you should avoid going out in the cold weather, stay outdoors for a long time, do not eat cold drinks, increase your clothes, and get up early. Moderate exercise, preferably at 9 o ‘clock in the morning or 4 or 5 PM, exercise to avoid strenuous exercise or local exercise. Suffering from respiratory diseases in the elderly, should avoid cold stimulation, when movement should be sunny, avoid morning and evening, lest cause seizures, and the elderly outdoors more should pay attention to keep warm. In winter, you can also massage the soles of your feet to promote blood circulation, and using foot massager are a good choice.