What kind of people is the shawl massager suitable for?

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Nowadays, people's work and life are under great pressure, many office workers have to face the computer every day. Sitting still all day long can be very damaging to your cervical spine. If you want to do shoulder massage every day and do not have so much time and energy. However, if you do not exercise or massage the shoulder or cervical vertebra for 44 days, it is very easy to cause periarthritis of shoulder or cervical spondylosis. How do...

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The development trend of massager in the future

The development trend of massager in the future CareMassager.com

Innovative design reflects culture and taste In the modeling design into the cultural, personal taste of attention. There are many styles and varieties of massagers on the market. But manufacturing companies really from the beginning of the design will be a variety of cultural connotation of the concept of design into the massager but not many. The research and development team of Care Massager has been working on this field for several years. We can also make customized drawings or...

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The lazy way of sport can be thin without leaving the sofa

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Because of the busy work, many people go back home and do not want to move on the sofa. Today, we teach you a set of lazy way of movement, lying on the sofa moving, look at the TV, you can lose weight. We suggest that the method each action is done 10-15 times as a cycle, at least two times repeated. The part of the exercise: buttocks Face down, lying on the seat without a handle, keeping the leg...

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How does cervical vertebra disease self-massage treatment? Detailed diagram here.

Neck Pain & Other Injuries Buy Neck and Shoulder Massager from Us

The long hours of desk work has caused more and more people to suffer from cervical spondylosis, which has brought many inconveniences to life. Through the massage of the cervical vertebra, not only can prevent the disease of cervical spondylosis, but also can effectively alleviate the pain of the cervical spondylosis, it can help the health. You can massage your head and neck without using tools. If the hand movement is inconvenient the person can use the neck massager. [caption...

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What massage method does shoulder massage have?

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  Shoulder is a very vulnerable part of people, so we need to strengthen the shoulder maintenance. Caremassager recommends several shoulder massages that we can massage when we feel pain in our shoulders at home. 1. With the right hand palm on your left shoulder, from top to bottom ", again with his left hand on your right shoulder, alternating the 50 times, this approach has the effect of collaterals, prevent shoulder arthritis, condensation shoulder function. 2. The thumb is...

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How to massage the legs?

How to massage the legs, leg massage machine for sale

Massage can help relax the muscles tight after motion, let metabolites discharge faster, avoid leg movement after the swelling and pain, also can promote the leg microcirculation, eliminate edema, promote fat burning! Step 1: massage the muscles in the lower leg from the middle to the upper and lower, constantly changing the muscles, massaging each leg for three minutes. Step 2, twist the muscles of your calf's legs like a rag, changing the twist from the ankle to the knee,...

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Massage isn’t just relaxing

Massage isn't just relaxing buy body massager

The great benefits of regular massage are irreplaceable. Massage is an ancient technique that can manipulate the soft tissues of the body. It definitely relaxes you, but the benefits of massage far outweigh any relaxation. Pain and anxiety are two common problems associated with receiving massage therapy. To achieve greater happiness for the recipient by soothing muscles and nerves. As you learn more about this concept, you will find that massage can also be beneficial to chronic pain and even...

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Winter warm-up exercise: common small movements are healthy and warm

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In winter, there are a lot of suitable for our sport, but sometimes we may be affected by the outside weather and cannot exercise, it will affect our fitness plan, what should we do? Let's check out the winter warm-up exercise with CAREMASSAGER. Winter warm-up movement 1. Squat down legislation Stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than your shoulders, cross your hands over your head, straighten your back, straighten your chest, and look straight ahead. 2. Straighten your back,...

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Take 20 minutes of exercise every day during the vacation.

Take 20 minutes of exercise every day during the vacation use vibration platform machine

During the holiday season, when you get together with family, friends and colleagues, it's also possible to keep your waistline in line with the right amount of exercise. You don't need a gym at all. You just have to squeeze in 20 minutes a day to get your blood and muscles to relax. These 20 minutes of aerobic exercise are good for the heart and throughout the body. This simple exercise in your home is equivalent to the effect of...

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How do you use dumbbells?

How do you use dumbbells vibration plate exercise machine for sale

Dumbbell is a recognized fitness artifact, especially a friend who exercises at home, and a pair of dumbbells can practice your body at home. Different parts of the body can get a good workout through different dumbbell movements, fully activating the muscles in different parts of the body and making the muscles stronger and fuller. Now we share a family dumbbell workout program. Practice your friends according to the training level, follow the following actions: Chest muscle Note: the integrity...

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