Cervical source headache care

Cervical source headache care. Neck and Shoulder Massager Manufacturer, Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

1. Maintain good posture
Usually sit in a natural position with a slightly forward head and a straight chest. Use a chair with a waist support on the back of the chair or a soft pillow on the back of the waist to keep the waist slightly forward.

2. Table and chair are highly suitable
If the height of the table and chair is not appropriate, the head will be overthrown back or forward, causing the neck and shoulder muscles to be damaged. Look at the computer screen with binocular vision or down 15 to 20 degrees.

3. Avoid long standing at the waist.
When you feel a little tired, you can walk away from your seat, or get up and leave every other hour, do some simple stretching exercises, and learn to self-care. Concrete can do around neck stretched out after slowly forward bends, rotating, leaning forward and backward extend waist can do, and slowly rotating around activities, 3-5 minutes can achieve the functions of neck lumbar muscle.

4. If the computer is placed on the side side, it is recommended to change the position of the display periodically, thus avoiding the long time of the neck and lumbar vertebra in side distortion.

5. Adjust the proper sleeping position, the pillow and the bedding soft thickness is appropriate.
The cervical spine of the human body has its normal physiological curvature, use too low or excessive pillow, can make cervical vertebra bone, muscle and ligament is in tense state. The height of the pillow is generally 8 to 15 cm. The pillow should be placed in the back of the head and neck. Don’t be too soft, lie down to be the best.

6. Keep your neck warm and don’t let fans or air conditioners blow cool air around your neck.
Wind and cold often cause muscle spasms and stiffness, resulting in repeated attacks on the neck, lumbar spinal joint disorder and muscle fibrosis.

7. Strengthen exercise and build up your body
It can improve the strength of local muscle and improve the stability of the cervical spine and the ability of anti-fatigue. It is recommended to swim 1-2 times per week, especially with the breaststroke, which can strengthen the strength of the neck muscles and improve the abnormal physiological curvature of the cervical spine caused by long-term bad posture.

8. It’s not easy to massage the cervical vertebrae
Blindly accept the treatment of massages without professional medical training, there are a lot of hidden dangers. Improper massage can cause further damage to soft tissue. Despite a vigorous massage, the patient will feel more comfortable in a short time, but symptoms will reappear soon. This is caused by the swelling of the muscles after vigorous massage. Repeated massage, repeated edema, forming a vicious circle, the result will lead to the strength of the massage, the disease is not improved. More seriously, the long-term strong massage repeatedly in the cervical intervertebral disc, small joints and ligaments, will undermine the stability of the cervical spine, accelerate the degeneration of intervertebral disc is prominent, speed up the development of the patients with cervical vertebra waist. We produce a neck massager, moderate strength, but only to your muscle soreness to alleviate the function, and cannot be used as a treatment for cervical spondylosis. If you want to treat your cervical spine, go to a regular hospital and ask for help.