The benefits of foot massage in winter

Foot massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism. In winter, the body temperature is low, and the foot massage can improve the blood circulation of the foot, and promote the circulation of the foot and the whole body. It also improves heart function and reduces heart load while increasing blood flow.
Foot massage can improve your body’s resistance and immunity. In winter, pedicure can enhance the metabolism of the human body and improve the resistance to exotic pathogens.

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Foot massage can protect the brain and improve sleep. Regular pedicures can adjust the meridians and blood flow, so that the blood flow to the head can be accelerated, and sufficient oxygen and nutrients are needed to replenish the brain. The sleep reflex area that often presses the foot, also can produce inhibition to the cerebral cortex, make the person feels the brain comfortable and relaxed, not only can quicken the sleep, still can make the sleep deepen.

Foot massage can relieve fatigue and relieve stress. Winter is very easy to make people feel sleepy tired, especially office workers, work pressure is very big, adequate foot therapy, can relax body while relieving mental stress.

Choose to use warm water bubble foot at home, also can choose foot massager to come home to undertake massage on foot. Easy, convenient, and enjoy the relaxation of the foot while reading.