What are the benefits of foot massage?

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the feet are the second heart of the body, so to say that the feet are like the root of a big tree. If you want to have the upper and the branches flourish, then the root must be stable and steady. There are more than 60 acupuncture points in the foot, which are the agglomeration of the human body. Today, we are talking about the benefits of massage soles.
Massage is a common traditional Chinese medicine method, which not only is very convenient, but also can be used to raise the body effectively. Many women have the symptom of foot cold, besides the method that take medicine to inject a needle, actually massage the bottom of the foot also can achieve effect.

What are the benefits of a foot massage foot reflexology chart

foot reflexology chart

Massage the soles of your feet

First, to clean our hands with soap and water or alcohol, and then select a comfortable position, after leg of his trousers rolled up, press the leg with both hands, find the acid hemp place to go to massage. Note that the control intensity is smooth and smooth. It cannot be fast or heavy. The size of the force should be selected according to the patient’s physical condition.

What are the benefits of a foot massage?

There are many benefits to massage the soles of your feet. It is common to promote blood circulation in the body, stimulate cell vitality, strengthen metabolism, and maintain youth. It can also regulate the internal endocrine balance, promote the coordination between organs, and finally improve the body’s resistance and immunity.

What are the benefits of a foot massager

1. Treatment of cervical spondylosis
Cervical spondylosis is a bone disease, and experts have found that it can effectively stimulate the reaction of the cervical vertebrae by massaging the soles of the feet, which can make the reflex areas around the cervical vertebra excited.
In order to achieve the treatment of cervical spondylosis by massaging the soles of the feet, the massage should be increased according to the duration of the treatment, and it is best to have a slight ache in acupoint. Massage time can choose in the morning and evening time period, 10 minutes to half an hour every day, insist two weeks can have apparent effect. Of course, using our neck massagers would have a better effect on cervical spondylosis.

2. Insomnia
Every night before going to bed, will both legs, feet up, and then give up in the brains of some other thoughts, and then with both hands thumb various massage yongquan cave? Ah, this kind of massage method for patients sleep quality greatly improved, a sleep until the morning is not a dream.

3. Relieve mental stress
Mental stress leads to slower neural reflectance, an absent-mindedness, slower reaction, etc. Massage the soles of your feet before you go to bed, which can be effective in several cerebral cortex, restoring nerve reflex in your body to normal conditions.
Every evening massage the excitement of the soles of the feet, so that not only can regulate the sleep, but also be able to adjust the organs, improve the spirit.

4. Prevent condition of pregnancy vomiting
During the first three months of pregnancy, many women experience pregnancy sickness, which can cause the pregnant woman to feel powerless and unappetizing. Massage the bottom of the foot to have what advantage, tender can effectively improve the condition of pregnancy vomiting, make the fetus and pregnant woman return to health.

5. Hairdressing
Massage the soles of the feet to the maximum amount of toxins and waste in the body, making our skin healthy, rosy and glossy. Long-term insist on massage sole, besides beauty skin, still can effectively eliminate blain, make skin restore smooth and clean, white.

6. Strengthen body resistance
Massage the sole of the foot can stimulate the cell, make the cell delay the brush to maintain the vigor, and promote the function of the body’s five viscera, the balance of Yin and Yang in the body is restored to normal. Long-term adherence to massage soles can effectively enhance body resistance and reduce the risk of disease.

7. Improve your memory
There are so many points on the soles of the feet that are important to our bodies. Experts tell us, the points on the soles of the feet tube machinery in our brain, mouth, lymphoid tissue, etc., to the right foot massage, can effectively stimulate the body acupoints and organs, and can also improve the function of memory.

If you don’t want to go to a professional foot massage outfit and don’t want to be bothered to massage your feet, a foot massager is your best bet.
Foot massager allows you to relax at home and enjoy a foot massage.