Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge: ten feet to raise a life massage method

The feet of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the objective of curing diseases. There is a direct link between the specific parts of the foot and the organs in the body. The bottom part of the body is in the reflection area of the organs, and some of the organs can be reflected in the reflection zone. Massage and stimulate the corresponding reflective area in the feet, which can promote local blood circulation. So, how does Chinese medicine promote health through the sole of the foot? Here are 10 tips to keep everyone healthy every day.

1. Foot friction

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Foot Friction

Many people always say that they are always upset, unable to sleep and keep their eyes open all night. In fact, the bottom of the foot is the farthest from our heart, and when the end of the blood circulation is not smooth, the feet will be cold, so it is easy to suffer from insomnia. It is suggested that when you are losing sleep, you can put your feet together and rub them together, so that the blood circulation of your feet will flow smoothly, and you can sleep when you feel warm on the soles of your feet. The way to do this is to lie on your back in bed, lift your feet up, and rub together. If both hands are rubbed together, the effect is better. As long as the force is rubbed 20 times, the feet will feel warm, and the sleepy will come.

2. Rub your toes

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Rub your toes

Rub your toes to enhance your memory. You can use your hands to hold the toes of your feet, make a circular rubbing movement, and rub it several times a day for two to three minutes each time. You can also use your hands as a circular motion to rub the outside of your toes. Just knead for five minutes before recess or sleep. Since computing power is related to the cerebellum, and the small toe is the reflective area of the cerebellum, so rubbing the little toe helps increase the computational power.

3. Tap on a foot

Hitting the soles of your feet before going to bed every day can help us eliminate the fatigue of the day. Because percussion can stimulate the acupoint of the foot, promote the blood circulation throughout the body, making the viscera function enhanced. The correct way to beat it is to take the ball of the foot as the center, and radiate it rhythmically, just a little bit. Take a seated position, sit on the bed or chair, and place your feet on the other side of the knee, making it easier to tap. Each foot is advised to knock about 100 times.

4. Shake your feet

The blood circulation in the whole body is not good, the phenomenon of internal organs maladjustment can occur, such as headache appetite loss and other subhealth symptoms. Simple foot stimulation can promote blood circulation. Lie on your back in bed, move your feet in the air, and then rotate your feet like a bicycle. As long as it lasts for 5 to 6 minutes, the blood circulation will improve. It can also stretch the muscles of the legs and the medial side of the knee and completely eliminate the fatigue of the legs. People who are afraid of cold in winter will feel warm and help improve their sleep if they do this before going to bed.

5. Walking barefoot

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Walking barefoot

The greatest advantage of this method is the opportunity to exercise the soles of your feet. The soles of the feet are an important part of maintaining the balance of the body, and everyone who is healthy has a solid foot. When you walk, try to get as much excitement as possible and try a pebble walk. Keeping the five toes free to separate and move is one of the great advantages of walking barefoot. In order to improve your health, you should free your feet from the footwear and walk barefoot as much as possible.

6. Sunbathe

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager sunbathing on your feet

Get sunbathing on your feet

Sunbathing is a natural way to improve your health. Get sunbathing on your feet and get unexpected health benefits. Ultraviolet radiation in the sun can stimulate the soles of the feet, promote the metabolism of the whole body, enhance the function of the internal organs, and strengthen the body. It is not easy to get sunstroke in summer and not easy to catch cold all the year round. When the weather is clear, you can let the sun shine directly on the soles of your feet for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Don’t bask in the glass, because most of the ultraviolet light is absorbed by glass.

7. Press the foot

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Press the foot

People who work long hours or in the office tend to have a hunchback. The easiest way to correct this posture is to stimulate the back of your heel. The reason why it bends is that the muscles on both sides of the spine become weak, and only the muscles that stimulate the sides of the spine can lift the back. The muscles on both sides of the spine are linked through the channels of the bladder and the heel, stimulating the heel to correct the position of the hump. The method is to press the heel firmly with your fingers until you feel the pain. Or you can relax your foot muscles with a foot massager.

8. Standing on one foot

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Standing on one foot

Standing on one foot can exercise the soles of your feet. The method is very simple. Standing on tiptoe, you may not get used to it at first and may even feel very painful. Allow the heel to leave the ground a little bit first, and then stand on tiptoe. The last transition is to stand on tiptoe. When standing with on one foot, stand on tiptoe for one to two minutes, then stand on tiptoe to stand with another foot for one to two minutes. When tiptoe, it is best to hold the wall or hold the balustrade, remember to pay attention to safety.

9. Tiptoe upstairs

In everyday life, tiptoe upstairs is a good time to get your exercise done. Tiptoe upstairs, it is helpful to adjust blood pressure, make a person energetic. Compared with walking on the ground, the building exercises more physical activity, can exercise the respiratory system circulatory system, strengthen the waist muscle and leg muscles, improve the whole body. As the whole process is on tiptoe, the first half of the foot can be exercised, and the internal organs and brain functions associated with it have been improved to some extent. Stand on tiptoe and go upstairs with your mind focused. Beware of falling if you are not steady.

10. Stamped on the tennis

Traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge massage method foot massager Stamped on the tennis

In the chair, turn the tennis ball with your foot. When the feet are tired, use tennis to stimulate the soles of your feet, which can relieve the soles of your feet. When you begin to turn the tennis ball, the soles of your feet will feel rather painful. If you stick to it for a while, the pain will gradually become comfortable and the fatigue of your feet will be eliminated. This method also helps to eliminate constipation.