What kind of people is the shawl massager suitable for?

Nowadays, people’s work and life are under great pressure, many office workers have to face the computer every day. Sitting still all day long can be very damaging to your cervical spine. If you want to do shoulder massage every day and do not have so much time and energy. However, if you do not exercise or massage the shoulder or cervical vertebra for 44 days, it is very easy to cause periarthritis of shoulder or cervical spondylosis. How do you do that? Now people suffering from shoulder periarthritis and cervical spondylosis in the population is rising, in order to solve this problem. Experts have designed a shawl massager. This is an advanced instrument that can be automatically massaged around the shoulders. If you do not know what this thing is, might as well take a look at the following introduction.

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What kind of people is the shawl massager suitable for?

The function characteristic of shoulder massager: application microcomputer type control technology. It has convenient function buttons and screen display, including strength, function, mode, treatment time and so on. When massaging the head, the friction generated by the massage will slowly heat up to reach the effect of dredging blood. It has 9 kinds of dynamics, 19 kinds of patterns to choose from, the technique can imitate or even surpass the real person massage master. It relaxes the muscles of the body by hammering, fingering, and tapping.

Is shoulder massagers with heat applicable to which person use? Sedentary gamers, office workers, long-term computer and mobile workers; Teachers, students or drivers who work or study at a desk for a long time; Military personnel, sculptors, writers and other professionals who need long-term bow work; Middle-aged and elderly people with poor blood circulation; People with mild insomnia.

What function does shoulder massager have again? It can eliminate fatigue, enhance the permeability of the skin on the back, improve the circulation of blood, and double the effect of massage; Promote sleep, improve neurasthenic insomnia; Prevent cerebral thrombosis, dizziness, frequent night urination, constipation, etc. It also has the function of invigorating the brain, clearing the collaterals and relieving nervous tension.


Now you should know what a shawl massager is. We are a massager manufacturer, if you want to customize your massager, welcome to consult.