What massage method does shoulder massage have?


Shoulder is a very vulnerable part of people, so we need to strengthen the shoulder maintenance. Caremassager recommends several shoulder massages that we can massage when we feel pain in our shoulders at home.

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1. With the right hand palm on your left shoulder, from top to bottom “, again with his left hand on your right shoulder, alternating the 50 times, this approach has the effect of collaterals, prevent shoulder arthritis, condensation shoulder function.
2. The thumb is separated from the rest of the four fingers, placed in the shoulder deltoid muscle, and 15 times upward. This method has the function of stripping adhesion and replenishing qi and blood.
3. Hand your hand in an empty fist, tap and tap 30 times in the shoulder and wrist. This method has the function of dredging qi and blood and eliminating fatigue.
4. When you massage, you may feel pain. It must be a painful massage.
Shoulder function recovery is slower, can choose to use shoulder massager when resting at home. The use effect of massager needs us to be persistent, long-term massage is effective. Protecting our shoulders needs to pay attention to every detail of our lives, and we need our persistence.