Take 20 minutes of exercise every day during the vacation.

During the holiday season, when you get together with family, friends and colleagues, it’s also possible to keep your waistline in line with the right amount of exercise. You don’t need a gym at all. You just have to squeeze in 20 minutes a day to get your blood and muscles to relax. These 20 minutes of aerobic exercise are good for the heart and throughout the body. This simple exercise in your home is equivalent to the effect of aerobic exercise. Just remind yourself to keep pace and pace to achieve the desired effect.
Each part of the exercise lasts for at least a minute, and if the body can hold it for two minutes at first, it will then rotate in turn until the 20-minute session ends. If you feel that your body can keep exercising, then it’s better to stick with it. Here are some of the best ways to use a vibration platform machine for your vacation.

1. Sit up and sit on your back
2. Sit-ups on your side
3. Push-ups
4. Donkey kicking exercise
5. Deep Squat

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Take 20 minutes of exercise every day during the vacation use vibration platform machine

For these alternate workouts, it’s best to use a timer to ensure that each action is completed within a minute. Keep sweating and breathing well during exercise. Remind yourself to keep exercising for 20 minutes, and even if you don’t have a gym during the holidays, you can still do this in several ways.